For the devoted people who are determined to approach REAL YOGA MASTERS in SPRITUAL LAND of INDIA to learn pure form of yoga at deepest possible level probably to become professional yoga teacher or to enjoy life long benefits of yoga with life changing experience of YOGIC LIFE.

A boarding place on the land of spiritual vibrations is arranged which provides perfect climate, yogic vegetarian food, herbs, and other yogic utilities to create complete yogic environment. Here Yoga sessions run from morning to evening which includes morning practical training, breakfast break, Theory & philosophy, Lunch break, theory & philosophy and evening practical training. All sessions are compulsory to attend.

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    Practical training includes –

    Shatkarmas, Yogasadhan Kriyas, Surya Namaskar , Asana (meditative, health building, relaxative, therapy, advance, competitive & more ), Pranayam, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation, Mantra chanting, prayer, and teaching practice. . . . . (Read More)

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    Theory and philosophy includes –

    Authentic texts of yoga philosophy (Sanskrit scriptures of all types of yoga) and scientifically accepted facts, techniques and methods related to yoga & research. . . . . . (Read More)

Content details of courses are set according to level of course and abilities of under trainee yoga teachers.

Highly qualified & experienced Indian yoga masters provide daily precisely supervised practical training and modify the practice with personal attention according to the improved-level of under trainee yoga teachers and individual requirements.

Recognized Certificates

At successful completion of each yoga course 'RECOGNIZED CERTIFICATE' are issued to all the teachers or participents.

Curriculum of 'almost all yoga courses' conducted by 'Abs Yoga International' qualify the criteria set by 'Indian Yoga Academy' and it surpasses the criteria set by 'International Yoga Alliance - USA' and 'European Yoga Alliance'. Almost all yoga courses conducted by 'Abs Yoga International' are recognized by 'Indian Yoga Academy' and 'Foundation for Ancient Culture & Education' with 'credit transferable' status. Still we advise you to check details of 'yoga course selected by you' as we are very creative and present new yoga courses according to requirements particular region of group of people.

It fulfills the professional motives of people such as in depth knowledge of yoga and science behind it; improved fitness (flexibility, strength, balance, endurance); improved demonstration & teaching skill, correct way of assisting the students, ability to identify personal requirements of students etc.

Please check 'Yoga Events' page to book 'upcoming yoga courses'.

Yoga Courses in India

And Collaborative Yoga Courses Around the World

We offer variety of yoga courses in India as well as outside India in association with yoga schools and yoga centers belonging to different yoga styles around the world.

Welcomed to Join Us !

Yoga Institutes believing in 'universal unity' as 'base of yoga' and willing to make bridge between different yoga styles by exploring most essential and authentic techniques from all the traditions of yoga and dedicated to 'quality of teaching' are welcomed to Join us for organizing 'Collaborative Yoga Courses'.

Classification of Yoga Courses:

Yoga courses can be classified based on three factors like (i) Purpose of Course (Professional Yoga Courses), (ii) Duration of course, (iii) Specialization of courses, (iv) Customized Yoga Courses .

  • (i) Purpose of Yoga Course

    Based on your purpose of yoga course It may be :-

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      (a) ‘Professional Courses of Yoga’ like

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      (b) It may be ‘Yoga Therapy Courses’ like

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    (ii) Duration of course

    Coming soon. . . . . . (Read More)

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    (iii) Specialization of courses

    Coming soon. . . . . (Read More)

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    (iv) Customized Yoga Courses

    Coming soon. . . . . . (Read More)

Determining yoga courses quality

Quality of Yoga courses can be influenced by many factors. You should carefully decide 'which factor' is more important four 'YOU' e.g (i) Course Curriculum (ii) Training Quality (iii) Teaching Quality (iv) Size of Yoga Hall (v) Facilities at Yoga Institute (vi) Accommodation Facilities (vii) Brand and Fame of Yoga Organization (viii) Recognition of Course and Certificates (ix) Acceptance of Certificates by 'Yoga Institutes of Other Traditions' (x) Official status of Certificates (by Government) (xi) Faculty or 'yoga teachers' of the course . . . . . . (Read More)